Join or Renew your Membership with the Canadian Celiac Association

Membership in the Canadian Celiac Association
What are the benefits of joining the Canadian Celiac Association?

New members receive

  • A New Member’s Kit containing material about celiac disease and about learning to live with the gluten-free diet.
  • A national online newsletter Celiac News.
  • Opportunity to attend the Anti Panic Sessions to help you and your family learn about the diet, where to buy gluten free food and how to cope with your new lifestyle. Click on link for information about the Anti Panic Sessions.

Other Benefits of Membership

  • Current accurate resources on celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis through CCA publications and reviews of current literature.
  • Up-to-date product information and food recalls.
  • Opportunity to contribute to research on celiac disease.
  • Discounts on CCA print materials and National Conference registration fees.
  • Access to help and information via the 1-800 number.

Your Membership helps our national organization advocate for:

  • Better food labeling (i.e., disclosure of all sources of gluten in foods).
  • Government recognition of extra costs and time involved in eating gluten-free.
  • Safety, availability and enrichment of gluten-free products.
  • Public awareness and understanding to make living gluten-free easier and safer.
  • Medical awareness to ensure early diagnosis, and optimal continuum of care.

How to Join or Renew your Membership

Click on link below to access pdf application for membership form.

Online Membership

Printable Application


New Membership

You can pay by credit card or cheque.  Please make your cheque, in the amount of $65,  payable to Canadian Celiac Association.

The $65 membership fee applies to the first year only when you receive many additional benefits including all the help you need as a newly diagnosed celiac or a person with gluten intolerance.

Renewing your membership

Membership renewal in subsequent years is $50 per year or you can save by renewing your membership for 3 or 5 years.

Download the free Acrobat Reader® software, so you can view and print Adobe PDF files.

Membership runs for twelve months. Membership runs from the last day of the month you join until the same date the following year.