2017 Anti Panic Sessions

Upcoming dates for 2017

2017: September 16, October 21, November 18.

Sessions are not held in August and December.

Classes are held at Thrifty Foods, Admiral's Walk shopping centre at the Admiral's Road location and run from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

NOTE: Pre-registration is required.

To register, or for support or information before the next class please email


What are Anti Panic Sessions?

A crash course about transitioning to a gluten-free diet. The class is provided at no cost for new members of the CCA along with family members or a friend. The two hour class covers what to eat and what not to, where to shop, where to dine and generally how to live your new gluten-free life. The class orients and assures new members that they are not alone in making this huge adjustment. Led by knowledgeable local volunteers who have been through the same experience and will help you survive this transition. Contact us today to register for the upcoming session.

The Victoria suport group wishes to express sincere appreciation to Jessalyn O’Donnell,Thrifty Foods’ Registered Dietitian, who was instrumental in arranging to make the very comfortable classroom at Thrifty's available for this purpose and for Thrifty's generous ongoing support to celiacs and those with gluten sensitivity.

To view Thrifty Foods Gluten-Free Product Guide see